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[IP] We went "live" yesterday!

Hello All!,
	Caitlyn is now officially pumping insulin.  She joined the ranks at
11:55 am yesterday morning.  Let me share what our day was like by
sharing her BG levels.

1:35pm:  153, ate 30 g of carb, bolused for 1 unit of humolog
3:35pm:  165
5:30pm:  127, ate 60 g of carb, bolused for 2 units
7:30pm:  170, ate 30 g of carb, bolused for 1 unit
8:30pm:  had a Capri Sun fruit drink for the 1st time, 24 g of carb, 	 	
bolused for 1 unit
9:30pm:  249, high bolused for .7 of a unit
11:30pm: 106!
2:30am:  170!
5:30am:  206
7:30am:  125!

this!  I know that there will be good days and bad days, but I am so
thankful to have such a wonderful start!
	I don't think the CDE/pump trainer was expecting it to start off so
well either.  We set her basals to .2 for now.  The trainer called last
night to check in on her, and when I told her all of the above, she was
very surprised and joked(with a LOT of humor and teasing in her voice),
"Are you sure your meters not broken!"
	I know that I owe a lot of our initial success to all of you!  Thank
you so much for your advice and continued support!

CArrie, mom to Caitlyn and "Blossom", pumping happily and 5 YO!
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