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Re: [IP] Spot replies (attn. Spot and Ginny)

<< These diseases are
all related to a certain inhereted immunotype or haplotype HLA DR3/4. They
are also usually concordemt with blood group A >>

Well, I'll be.... I am A+. I have Hashimoto's...  This discussion has
caused me to dig out my OLD copy of Diabetes Forecast -- July 1995 -- which
has an excellent article on these autoimmune diseases. I noticed that it
says under "symptoms" for gastric parietal cell disease that if the disease
goes untreated for several years, anemia and neurological problems develop.
My question is whether there is any way to catch it early other than the
PCA test? Are there any early symptoms? And lastly, if the disease does
develop, do the b12 shots take care of the problems? Ginny, feel free to
chime in here. I'm just a bit paranoid about my immune system lately.

Mary Jean
dx IDDM 4/90
dx Hashimoto's 6/94
dx non-Hodgin's Lymphoma 4/00

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