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Re: [IP] Re: Diabetes Burnout

> I can't believe you people "Diabetes Burnout".  Does
> this mean you don't want to try to live with diabetes?
>  I take everyday as a challenge, to make my numbers.
> Some days I fail but I try never the less.  I realize
> that I may not have had diabetes as long as others, I
> have only been one for 35 years and on the pump for
> only 7 months but I think that burnout is something
> that you give yourself.  Diabetes Burnout, I think
> not, be glad you are alive.  Put that (Diabetes
> Burnout) in your attitude and get over it.

Easy there, Cliff.  We all deal with diabetes-related stress (both the
day-to-day kind & the more high pressure sort that crops up when it seems
like a new & unexpected wrench gets thrown into our "diabetic works") in
different ways, & we are each blessed with our own collection (or lack
thereof  :)  ) of coping skills & support mechanisms.  I find much in your
attitude in dealing with this disease is to be admired...but please don't
assume that everyone here has been graced with the same kinds of strength
that you have.  For you, burnout may very well be "something that you give
yourself"...for some, however, it is a snarling monster that attacks &
leaves them feeling utterly hopeless & defenseless.  That's when they need a
haven of support to retreat to in order to build the strength to deal with
it, & this list is one such haven...that's part of what we're here for.

I've seen postings from people who are made (by family, friends, medical
practitioners...all very well-meaning, of course) to feel ashamed of their
fluctuating numbers, their emotional reactions to the challenges of
diabetes, & their attitudes.  Please don't foster guilt here for those who
experience "diabetes burnout"...if it wasn't a very real &
commonly-occurring thing, people wouldn't be writing books about it!  Many
of us experience burnout from time to time relating to anything that we
concentrate a lot of effort on...a job, schoolwork, a relationship, a
project...it's a natural part of the process, as is learning to deal with it
& come out a winner!  While for some it may be as simple as "get over it", I
think that many people need more than that by way of hope &
encouragement...& hopefully that's something they find here!

Those who are feeling "burnt-out" - I'm not speaking for all, but I will say
that I believe most of us have been there...so don't hesitate to ask for
help, even when it seems that nothing CAN help.   Cliff is right - you may
fail, but TRYING is the key to survival...& even when it seems no reason is
visible to you, work to FIND a reason to be glad you are alive.

Glad to be here, for more reasons than I can count!

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