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No Subject

  SNIP>>>>>Yerachmiel said; I want something new and bold and exciting: how
a glucose sensor that hooks up to the internal pump and keeps blood sugars 
between 90 and 130 for weeks on end??   Am I asking for too

You are not asking too much.   I am waiting on that also.   I can't figure
out why it is taking so long.   We have the infusion set..which should be
able to handle measuring bg and pumping accordingly....it just doesn't seem
that diffucult to me.  But than I am not an engineer or a research
scientist.  Seems like they keep dangling little fixes in front of us but
never getting us what we all really want  1: A cure, 2: easy non rejectable
islets (with none of the anti rejection drugs necessary) or 3: a device that
does just what Yerachmiel said.....a device that checks bg and delivers
insulin as needed.     Does anyone know any body working on such a thing?

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