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Re: [IP] Re: Help with bread please please!!!!!

At 08:24 PM 7/10/00 -0500, you wrote:
>>I could use some help right about now. Ryans numbers have been so 
>>high lately and they are so high I am ashamed to put them on here so 
>>I wont. Anyway it has been going on for a while but this last 2 
>>weeks have been the worst and we tried site changes and  new insulin 
>>and site changes and he stayed high.My question is does anyone use a 
>>bread maker as it just hit me today that maybe that is what it was 
>>and I cut some bread and weighed it and he would need like 8 units 
>>for a  sandwich which he has not been taking so that is why he is 
>>probably so hight but still why he does not come down with the hight 
>>boluses. One night he had like and extra 20 units over about 5 hrs 
>>and still did not do much????? Anyway if anyone does use a bread 
>>maker how does it work for you it just is so heavy. Any thoughts 
>>would be great. Thank you and I have also been increasing basals now 
>>so I will see if that helps any. Oh the joys of this disease.
>>                                            Lori
>                                             Ryans mom

Hello Lori;
	I just read your note and I have run into the same thing.  I am type 1,
been pumping since 7/1/00 (and will NEVER go back, I LOVE IT!).  I make my
own bread in a machine.  The bread I make is white egg bread.  It has,
among other things, 4 Tbsp. sugar, two eggs, white flour ,etc.  I couldn't
find the carb. count in the book, but I estimate it to be around 25g CHO
per slice.  Bread from the store is 15 g CHO per slice, but when I used
this number for my home made, my numbers went very high.  When I used the
pre-mixed bread mixes, the box says they are 28 - 30g CHO per slice, so I
estimated mine to be somewhat less (at 25g.).  You might want to try this
figure as a starting point, and make some fine adjustments on the insulin
depending upon the outcome of you son's BG's after eating the bread.  Just
watch very closely what happens as my numbers for the bread are just an
apporximation by trial and error on my part.
	I hope this helps somewhat and good luck!
	Bill McKibben  (email @ redacted)
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