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Re: [IP] question re: pumping saline

You can buy it at a pharmacey, and it used to cost me about $13. for a
rather large bottle. I think if you have an empty vial of insulin, you
might want to fill that with plain water and practice filling with the
  The use of Saline is for when you are actually going to 'hook' up and
do a practice day on the pump. If the doctor is going to start you with
a 'rehearsal' on saline, he may give you some. But you can practice with
plain water in the vial just to play with the cartridge.... 

  Good luck with it, I think you'll have fun.
Jenny S.

The Kiley's wrote:
> Just got my D pump and I'm going over the video.  They are talking about
> filling the cartridge.  I want to practice and I've heard of people using
> saline.  Where can I get this saline?  Does the hospital have to supply it
> or can I buy it in a pharmacy?
> Michelle
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