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Re: [IP] Re: Haggis...

Actually I suppose some of the organ meats could be the healthiest to eat.
This was interesting. Thank you for sharing. The strangest thing for me
that I have eaten was alligator and frog legs..the frog legs were really
good..Oh I have had bear meat and vension because my son in law hunts to
feed his family to avoid all the hormones in the store bought meats. And do
they have a little 2 yr old who loves bear roast and vension! When the
vension comes out- my grandson hits the dinner table LOL!

At 12:15 PM 07/13/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>> The "meat" in Haggis includes the entrails (intestines, etc.) of the
>> sheep ... YUCK!!!!
>>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> >>Haggis, 4 oz.  22 g Carb<<
>Okay, since this has gone off the strict "pump topic" track anyway, I've
>been wanting to add a piece of background info to this thread - for the
>quirky ones like me, who like to know the odd facts behind things that might
>seem a little bizarre to us:
>In the olden days (in centuries past....or in some parts of Scotland, not
>that long ago at all), most of the farming/raising of livestock was done by
>tenant farmers, who pretty much had to turn over the best parts of what they
>produced to the landowners.  Even if you did own your own farmland, you were
>beholden to the local landowner for many things (freedom to use his roads
>for marketing travel, freedom to hunt certain areas of his woods, protection
>from raiding by other clans, etc.), so you still paid up in the coin you had
>available - the choice picks of your crops & livestock.  What this meant
>was, if you were raising sheep, the fine meat cuts generally went to pay
>your "taxes", so to speak...& you had what was left to do something with for
>yourself & your family.  In a society that let nothing go to waste, recipes
>developed & became common for foods made of things like sheep's liver,
>heart, intestines, stomach, etc...& some of those evolved into meals so
>traditional that they stood the test of time & are still very much a part of
>the culture today.  I have a few cookbooks with recipes for haggis & the
>like...but I haven't been adventurous enough to try & make them!
>This historical moment was brought to you by one of the dreaded (much
>maligned actually...we're really not THAT bad!) Clan Campbell...we now
>return you to your regularly-scheduled pump-oriented programming!

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