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Re: [IP] temper tantrums

I have had dT1 for 20 yrs and also have a 4 yr old..Temper tantrums are 
normal for most children but I can also tell u tha td plays a big role in 
emotions--yes going up and down does affect feelings and moods.Just having d 
and being a young child is confusing and difficult to deal with and process 
in oes mind.I got it at 8 yrs old and had terrible tantrums --sometimes I 
would blackout and  not remember what I did but no low or high bs- and I 
would destroy my house and furniture and little sister, I broke several 
coffee tables and gave my mom black eyes and thru glasses and things it was 
terrible.Mom tried everything -counseling, time outs, grounding, etc.. theses 
hings didnt happen all time but enough to drive my family nutty.And they all 
thought I had mental problems.No one ever related it to D until I did at age 
18 after  started reading selfhelp books, doing meditation, relaxation 
therepy.. My tantrums stopped at about age 15 when I think I just outgrew it 
and by that time had learned the art of self control -that self control is 
the epitomy of control-if you cant control yourself then you really have no 
control at all---etc----anyway I think teaching yr daughter self control thru 
positive reinforcement might help,,and giving her an outlet for those 
feelings and the freedom to express herself in a calm way ,,also with my son 
sometimes when he has a fit I just hug him and ask if he needs some attention 
and usually thats all it is,he needs me to listen and hold him---now he walks 
up to me and jsut says "mom, I need some attention please" and that makes us 
both feel better.
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