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Re: [IP] swimming

I don't know, I'd like to live in an area where one could leave their
pump poolside, and not have it ripped off. I can't have that luxury, as
I do My swimming at the public pools and the college as well as the
I can't afford to lose a $5,000.00 instrument for not wanting it in my
suit. Mine's rounded and I guess the term is 'ergonomic', so it doesn't
'poke' me in the side and all.  Then again, as I really AM "squatty
Bodied", with a short waist, I can't -in the name of public
decency--wear a bikini or tankini without scaring people.  I have a nice
one piece suit and a cap, with clip on cases galore for my "Desa" to be
with me and she doesn't mind the water at all.
RE; salt water, I do rince her off and the case too with fresh water
Jenny S.

Michael wrote:

> Lily never swims or plays contact sports with her pump on. Basically
> it is a nusicance and usually she burns almost as much energy as the
> insulin would cover anyway. Just take it off, keep good records and
> see if you need to set up a bolus coverage plan for each type of
> no-pump activity.
> Michael
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