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[IP] My momma said there'd be days like this

SNIP>>>>From: "Nita H." <email @ redacted>
	Subject: [IP] Vent      Just needed to vent a little.  <<<<<<SNIP

	Hi Nita, 
	Your horrible, awful, terrible day, with the heat, the AC, the
car/towing, the kid with hi bgs, just sounds like Hell in Texas.   I am so
sorry for you.  It doesn't help at all, I am sure, but I have had days like
that, too.  Days (weeks) when I just can't take one more thing, nor carry
one more load of responsibility, have no money left.  But somehow, after 38
years as a mom, 15 with DM, I have learned you just do.....take it, carry it
(struggling, staggering, doing without for the kids, etc, etc.) along for
one more day and one more.  I recite all those damn proverbs and pithy
sayings to myself, "He never give you more than you can carry, This too
shall pass, Tomorrow is another day (Thanks to Scarlett), Turn it over to
God, I am going to run away from home and leave no forwarding address",
etc., etc.  What really works for me is an old video tape of Gladys Knight
belting out "I Will Survive".  I will be glad to send it your way.

	In the meantime, please know that a lot of us are wishing you peace
of mind and enough cash to get you through this.   I have walked a mile in
your shoes, and I suspect many of us have.   Please hang in there and know
that we care!!    All of us care and which you better luck, prayers are on
the way. 



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