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[IP] Re: New to group and impressed, and a few questions

Hi Trish,

Since I qualify for two of your questions, thought I'd give it a try:

<question 1>
<Does anyone have the Minimed 508 with the remote?  I got the 507C just
before they brought out the 508, and am grumpy about it, 'cause I covet
that remote, which would save alot of bother hiking up dresses in
restaurants.  Don't know if I covet it enough to trade up and spend the
$$$.  If you have it, how useful do you think it is, and does it work

Sorry to tell you...
I have the MM508 and love the remote. I have hands problems and if I put
the pump in my pocket it's hard to retrieve it. With the remote I can
bolus easily without taking out the pump. I love it!  Not sure I would
pay lots of extra $$ for it though (I'm cheap! and I don't make a great
salary as a Bible professor [23 years]). See if you can bargain with MM.

<question 2>
<has anyone had cataract surgery?  I'm on the fence about it. ....>

Oh yes, I've had two of them (one in each eye). Have had over 50 laser
treatments, and 3 major eye operations (vitrectomy, sclerabuckle, and
cryotherapy...sp. not guaranteed!) in both eyes because of retinopathy.

Cataract surgery is by far the easiest surgery I've ever had. No general
anesthesia, not even a hospital overnight.
Recovery takes 7 weeks until you get new glasses...but improvement is
actually close to immediate.

My last cataract surgery was in December, with my eyesight 20-100 prior,
now 20-20 (corrected of course).
For sure, if it were I, I'd have it in a heartbeat!

Feel free to email me privately with other concerns about the
surgery--don't want to bore the list with an even longer post!

Todd (48 years old, dx age 13)

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