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[IP] Diabetes Burnout

I've been diabetic so long I though Diabetes burnout was a POSITIVE sign...
(only kidding, but not completely).

I actually think I suffer from 'update burnout'.  After going on the pump 20 
years ago and getting all the latest toys to play with and getting new meters 
I am kind of in a rut.  I want something new and bold and exciting: how about 
a glucose sensor that hooks up to the internal pump and keeps blood sugars 
between 90 and 130 for weeks on end??

Am I asking for too much (I was 'promised' this device when I was 18 (22 years 
ago for all you young whipper snappers) and my doctor was just beginning to  
investigate the insulin pump as a tool (he really believed they were within a 
few short years of it then and that's why he jumped on pump bandwagon so 
early.  He really REALLY burned out a few years later, completely depressed 
that pump didn't 'cure' diabetes (he was first case of diabetes burnout I've 
ever seen in a doctor who didn't have it: he actually cared about his patients 
and them getting complications really affected him!)


 The opinions expressed here are mine and no one elses.

 If you like them you have my permission to use them as
 long as my wife gets credit for any good ideas (who I
 probably got them from in the first place)

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