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[IP] New to group and impressed, and a few questions

Got my first digest of posts today and am reading with fascination.  Feel 
like I've found the zeitgeist.  There's even another Suchy here ... thanks, 
for the welcome, Kristin.  And lots of folks my age range with dogs.  (Do you 
think it has anything to do with all payback for all those dogs Banting and 
Best sacrificed?)  All this, and haggis recipes.

Does anyone have the Minimed 508 with the remote?  I got the 507C just before 
they brought out the 508, and am grumpy about it, 'cause I covet that remote, 
which would save alot of bother hiking up dresses in restaurants.  Don't know 
if I covet it enough to trade up and spend the $$$.  If you have it, how 
useful do you think it is, and does it work well?

After reading some of your posts, I appreciate my endo even more.  He *has* 
diabetes, and altho I don't wish it on anyone, it's nice to be able to dish 
about stuff like how much to bolus for chicken schwerma depending on which 
local Greek joint you're in.

Sory to be so miscellaneous here--my final question:  has anyone had cataract 
surgery?  I'm on the fence about it.  My one big complication which I 
attribute to my bad old days and reckless youth is retinopathy.  Has lotsa 
laser back in the early 80's but have been stable since '85.  3 years ago I 
started to get cataracts (they say you always have two, but so far only one 
eye is bothering me).  One opthamologist says, yes, get the surgery; another 
says, no, because it could stir up the retina trouble again.  Are there any 
studies about this?  Both seem to be basing their advice on their experience, 
wouldn't or couldn't give me any statistics.  My current feeling is, well, if 
I can't see out of the eye, then who cares if I stir up the retina?  Also I 
have been stable for so long.  But then I get panicky.  I still have a lot of 
books to read.

Many thanks--
Trish Suchy
email @ redacted

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