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Re: [IP] Spot replies-pernicious anaemia

Basically these are cells in the stomach that absorb B12. I have antibodies
to these cells so I have to replace my B12 with shots. Pills will not do it
because the cells cannot absorb the b12 and we need B12. The lack of B12 is
what pernicious anaemia is. It runs in my family :( along with diabetes,
thyroid, parkinsons, RA, FM and Lupus..do my children have a chance?
Hope this helps..

At 07:32 AM 07/13/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>>It is sometimes also related to gastic parietal cell
>>autoantibodies which results in pernicious anaemia.
>What is this one? (The third in addition to diabetes and Hashimotos)
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