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Re: [IP] Re: Haggis...

> The "meat" in Haggis includes the entrails (intestines, etc.) of the
> sheep ... YUCK!!!!
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >>Haggis, 4 oz.  22 g Carb<<


Okay, since this has gone off the strict "pump topic" track anyway, I've
been wanting to add a piece of background info to this thread - for the
quirky ones like me, who like to know the odd facts behind things that might
seem a little bizarre to us:

In the olden days (in centuries past....or in some parts of Scotland, not
that long ago at all), most of the farming/raising of livestock was done by
tenant farmers, who pretty much had to turn over the best parts of what they
produced to the landowners.  Even if you did own your own farmland, you were
beholden to the local landowner for many things (freedom to use his roads
for marketing travel, freedom to hunt certain areas of his woods, protection
from raiding by other clans, etc.), so you still paid up in the coin you had
available - the choice picks of your crops & livestock.  What this meant
was, if you were raising sheep, the fine meat cuts generally went to pay
your "taxes", so to speak...& you had what was left to do something with for
yourself & your family.  In a society that let nothing go to waste, recipes
developed & became common for foods made of things like sheep's liver,
heart, intestines, stomach, etc...& some of those evolved into meals so
traditional that they stood the test of time & are still very much a part of
the culture today.  I have a few cookbooks with recipes for haggis & the
like...but I haven't been adventurous enough to try & make them!

This historical moment was brought to you by one of the dreaded (much
maligned actually...we're really not THAT bad!) Clan Campbell...we now
return you to your regularly-scheduled pump-oriented programming!


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