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[IP] My Problem with Alcohol was Re: Alcohol [ Ethyl]

"Andrew Bender, M. D." <email @ redacted>, wrote
Subject: [IP] Alcohol [ Ethyl]

>The main problem with alcohol is
>having a hypo and being arrested for public drunkenness, exciting but not
>cool when they lock you up in a dirty little cell with some scruffy drunks
>who pee on the floor

Years ago, I had my worst hypo ever after I injected mixed (Regular and
Lente) insulin before dinner, drank wine and then forgot about dinner.

Hours later, after I had broken my copy machine by kicking it, and pulled
the telephone onto the floor, where I was, and after I figured out how to
dial 9-1-1 on the telephone, and held the headset near my face so I could
mumble into it, I crawled out to the front door and passed the key through
the mail slot, so the EMTs could enter and give me an IV of dextrose into
the upper side of my hand.  I have had worse consequences from hypos, but
alcohol added to the incapacitation of this one .

My main concern, post pump, is weight gain from alcohol.

As Andrew has said, EtOH is processed without insulin; therefore it goes
directly into fat storage, emphatically, quickly, and in ridiculously HUGE

Other things equal (except aging, of course) I drank, I kept my A1c between
5%- 6%, and in a year I went from 180 to nearly 210 pounds.  I quit drinking
three months ago, and I am under 190 lbs. now.

>SpotJim and Ryan both wrote about a few beers:
>overall benefit to health. I think it's reasonable to say that this
>diabetics *provided* that it is accounted for in one's total caloric
>etc. IOW, that it is part of one's general diet.

HOW does one figure alcohol into the diet?


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