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[IP] lows

 The first two days here I was having highs, but
didn't up basals at all. In fact, I lowered basals
before starting Governor's Schoool (which is a totally
fun experience). Figured that was just "adjustment",
and  now it's lows. Talk about lots of handfuls of
goldfish w/o bolusing, and even frosting too. Ok, lows
now are sinking in. Not sure what basals to change b/
I'm not sure what it's related to. Would you all cut
down boluses or basals? I think I have 8 basals now.
And my set is like 5 days old (YIPPEE, 3 pieces of
tape, iv prep and tincture of benzioin finally
worked!) anyhow, just thinking I need to change
something b/c all I carry on me is gluc tabs and they
also haven't been working too hot.
 If you have any suggestions, please email me
privately at this addy or
email @ redacted but not to the list
b/c really I usually only have time to check my email.
 thanks a bunch!

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