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[IP] Potatoes and carrots

Jan with BludaSue wrote:

>>This also goes along with *olden days* stuff: A professor on another one
my lists was recently dx'd T-2. He posted today very upset that a recipe was
on a DM website that included potatoes and carrots. He has always known
DMers cannot eat potatoes and carrots - what are they trying to do - kill
us?  I told him we're allowed to eat food and explained about the ADA
guidelines having changed. <<

Was this mostly diet guidelines for Type 2's?  I've been D for 37 years and
have never been told that I couldn't eat potatoes and carrots.  I've always
eaten them, but in the quanities considered for one bread exchange (in the
olden days, boy do I love carb counting!)...

RoseLea and Max.. sure glad things have changed...

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