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Re: [IP] a blast from the past-Yerachmieil


Did you buy straight needle infusion sets and bend them by hand like I did?  
You also forgot diluting the U100 insulin to U36.  At first I used Sterile 
saline that if I remember correctly where 30 cc bottles and then I discovered 
our local Nordisk rep who would deliver Dilutant to me (for free) and put it 
between my front doors.  I took this, my old pump with me on a cruise and had 
to inquire about the current on the boat so I would know if I could recharge 
these batteries or if I needed to bring 9 or so (it was a 7 day cruise) all 
charged up.  

I have a picture of myself at my brothers graduation wearing this pump on a 
black belt with a light blue dress.  It was so conspicuous.  

One thing I would really want would be the white cloth pump holder that was 
made for the Velosulin pumps that were out for about a year in the mid 1980s. 
 I think I, as a woman could use this with dresses and skirts that did not 
have pockets.

Carole H. 
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