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[IP] peritoneal shunt

I've been trying to find out when the peritoneal shunt would be
available here (USA).  I have recently been having more trouble when I
don't change my site quick enough and get highs, and also with my
bolus's taking up to 7 hours giving me lows.  The time period for H is
changing for me, mostly lengthening, depending on where my site is and
how long it's been there.

I have gotten some new info on the peritoneal shunt from David Chadwick
at Disetronic, for those of us with delayed response and site
deterioration.  The trials for the shunt are going on now, in Europe,
and have been successful.  They will begin in the US, this fall.  They
aren't going to do them where I'm at (Las Vegas) but may be doing them
in San Diego (he's not sure exactly where the tests will be at yet).

What I wanted to find out, is that they should be, hopefully, generally
available in the fall of next year and that it does not take any special
type of a new pump.  The only thing that is different are the infusion
sets, the old pump will work fine.  There is not a special peritoneal

I think George Lovelace posted this from the Swiss site, with some of
the advantages;
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
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