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Re: [IP] You have to feel sorry for some people

On 10 Jul 00, at 22:11, Mary Keller wrote:

> Well, needless to say, discussing the ADA guideline changes of 1980
> something, things I have read/learned and taught in classes, carbohydrates
> becoming glucose, regardless of the source, etc., just made him angrier.  He
> informed me he would not even bother to read anything I printed for him from
> the web, as the CDE at the hospital when he was diagnosed told him this no
> sugar law and therefore it was the truth. (1994, he said)

What's bad is that there are CDE's spreading this kind of disinformation 
and managing to keep their certifications... Too bad that they aren't 
retested periodically to make sure that they are even attempting to stay 
current.  My wife has attended several "continuing education" seminars 
(she's a RN) and some of the "instructors" are ignorant of "recent" changes 
like the ADA guidelines...  

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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