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Re: [IP] Medical Procedure

In a message dated 7/12/00 10:31:37 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< y wife is having a medical procedure done and the anesthesiologist told 
her to cut her basal rate in half after midnight tonight. Does this sound 
right.. >>
No, in the past 2 months I have had 3 different surgical procedures and when 
the anesthesiologist told me to turn the pump off. I explained to him what my 
endo stated re: the basal was my pancreas and should be treated as such. Do 
not turn it off or reduce it for procedures. One does not turn off the 

I had no problems with my blood sugars during or immediately post procedures. 
However I did have higher Blood sugars several hours post the procedures.  

Hope this helps
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