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[IP] KFC & Frozen shoulder

My husband brought home KFC's honey barbeque strips and I'm having trouble
even guessing at the carbs...I called the store and they said they don't
have that information. I asked for their corporate customer service number
and they didn't have one of those either. What are the rules? Are they
required to have this information? What about for seasonal items (like
Subway's wrap sandwiches)? And more importantly do any of you have a clue
about how many carbs they'd be? They look delicious, though pre-pump I
wouldn't have dare to try  'em.
By the way, thanks to "listening" to all of you chat about your frozen
shoulders & trigger fingers, etc., I started PT for my frozen shoulder
yesterday. (it's been painful for about 3 years). With tears of pain
streaming down my face, I told the therapist all about the pump's virtues
and everything I learn from this wonderful group of pumpers. Thanks for the
motivation! Lynn

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