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Re: [IP] Medical Procedure


Nope doesn't sound right in the least.  Well for me that is.  In the pat 
six months I've had 4 medical procedures done, and did not make any 
adjustment to my basel rates.  If anything you need more insulin because 
you're stressed out which increases blood sugars.  Mind you it can do just 
the opposite for some.  Truly a case of YMMV.  In addition to having the 
procedure, depending on what meds they give you may increase her blood 
sugars too.  The only thing I can see by cutting her basel rates in half 
after midnight, is waking up with a high bs, which would be 
bs.  <hehehe>  Sorry, I thought that was pretty clever.  :-)  Personally I 
think they just want to make their job easier.  I don't know how long 
she'll be out, but they need to test her bs's.  Maybe in the am, cut her 
rates back during the procedure, just to be on the safe side.  This is just 
my opinion based on my experience of many surgeries/procedures in my 37 
years of diabetes.


>My wife is having a medical procedure done and the anesthesiologist told 
>her to cut her basal rate in half after midnight tonight. Does this sound 

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