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Re: [IP] Tape problems

   This excellent solution was posted by Pam the other day.There's no way 
your son should have to feel his life is constrained by wearing an insulin 
pump- all it takes is creativity & input from other IPers!!  I saved Pam's 
post (even though my daughter hasn't had this problem) in my filing 
cabinet(finally figured out how! LOL) so here it is once again.....Regards, 
   My son Eric, now 14, started on a pump last August.  His brother Sean, 
to be 11, started about 3 weeks ago.  I wrote to this list last summer to get 
some suggestions for making tape stick on my sweaty, active son who plays 
football, baseball, basketball, swims, lift weights, runs, etc.  Through the 
winter, here's what worked:
    IV Prep - let it dry
    Deodorant - let it dry
    Tegaderm HP
    Silhouette set
    Regular Tegaderm with a hole cut in the middle placed on top

Now that summer is here again and he's super sweaty and swimming all of the 
time, the above isn't working again.  Several people had recommended tincture 
of benzoin which is an adhesive enhancer type substance.  I asked the 
pharmacist to order it and he got me some.  The bottle said it was an mucosal 
protectant (for canker sores).  I asked again and he got me some tincture of 
benzoin compound (which also said it was a mucosal protectant).  I figured it 
was the wrong stuff and stuck it in the closet and forgot about it.  After 
going through 3 sets in 24 hours a couple of weeks ago, we decided to try it 
anyway.  We did the following:
    IV Prep (let it dry)
    Tincture of benzoin compound (covering the entire area where the tape 
will touch 
        the skin - let it dry)
    Tegaderm HP
    Silhouette set
    Regular Tegaderm with a hole cut in the middle placed on top

It's amazing!  We've gone through several site changes doing this.  Each has 
lasted 3 days easily.  The tape hasn't even crinkled at the edges!  Try it.
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