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[IP] a blast from the past

On Tue, 11 Jul Kerri <email @ redacted> wrote:

>they brought with them an old insulin pump that someone had given
>to them to give to me
>It is an Auto-Syringe model AS-6C Syringe Pump and it is about the size of
>a checkbook but close to an inch thick, and black in color (with
>black leather case.)

WOW!! My first pump (or was it my second...does this thing have the basal rate 
screw or is it single basal rate??) I would give almost anything to 
borrow/have this ancient monster for pictures (I really want to put it and my 
507c and my ancient 507 and 506 on my scanner and just take a picture).

I also really want to post a 'how to program the AutoSyringe AS6C on the site 
for those of us who think that pumping is too tough to handle.

PLEASE get back to me and let me know what I have to do to borrow/beg/steal 
this pump.

Yerachmiel Altman
email @ redacted

by the way: that pump could only be worn on the belt or on the leg (in a sock 
which was large enough to hold it) and don't even ask what the catheters were 
like (or the batteries: 9 volt rechargables every 24 hours).

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