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Re: [IP] Alcohol [ Ethyl]

Spot wrote:

>>I agree. 100% beer has calories and some Carbs ( Pilsner has the least I
think). I like beer once in a while and just add the carbs into the total.
Alcohol doesn't require insulin to be metabolized so I don't bolus for the
alcohol. Light beer has the least carbs. The main problem with alcohol is
having a hypo and being arrested for public drunkenness, exciting but not
cool when they lock you up in a dirty little cell with some scruffy drunks
who pee on the floor, Spot<<

Just don't drink too many beers and you probably won't have too much
trouble.  Oh, yeah, and eat too, although my dietition told me that if you
drank an alcoholic beverage with carbs in it, it should help to lessen the
chance of a hypo.  So, I like the coolers and lemonades!  They have LOTS of
carbs! LOL


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