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Re: [IP] road rules

At 06:14 PM 7/11/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Brian wrote a great post on how to post etc...though from the looks of
>otday's posts, not many people read it, as there are a HUGE number of posts
>that are UNSNIPPED!!!  The only problem with Brian's post was somewhere in
>it, it appears he used some kind of HTML encoding which caused every single
>line to be followed by a "=20"  or a "B-7" in hte digest version.    This
>additional "thingy" causes weird line breaks and makes posts, even good ones
>like this one, DIFFICULT and a pain in the AS* to read, for some of us...

ouch..  I guess this program is not working write I tried to make sure that 
the program was set to  TEXT only.  but I guess it did not want to 
listen.    I suspect it was when I copied stuff straight from the web site..

sorry about that guys.

and I try and give at least a days notice before people get to the messages 
I send..

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