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[IP] road rules

Brian wrote a great post on how to post etc...though from the looks of 
otday's posts, not many people read it, as there are a HUGE number of posts 
that are UNSNIPPED!!!  The only problem with Brian's post was somewhere in 
it, it appears he used some kind of HTML encoding which caused every single 
line to be followed by a "=20"  or a "B-7" in hte digest version.    This 
additional "thingy" causes weird line breaks and makes posts, even good ones 
like this one, DIFFICULT and a pain in the AS* to read, for some of us...

">  to send a message to both the email @ redacted and the=20
>  email @ redacted groups in the same  To: heading ..  this causes 
>  =20
>  Adm team ALLOT of headaches (and I am sure it causes the CWD site problems=
>  =20"
">  otherwise inflicting hostility or anger on    them. What one person may=20
>  understand to be friendly kidding, another may perceive as hostile 
>  =20
>  To help control the flaming       impulse, remember:
>           =B7       everyone has an opinion, a life, and a value; don't try=
>   to=20
>  demean that
>           =B7       be kind and think twice before responding; sometimes 
>  =20
>  most appropriate response is a nicely worded private=20"

See what I mean...SOOOO just add to the list of the rules:

Please remember to turn OFF HTML.  Please post in plain text only.  NO bold, 
no fancy fonts, no foreign characters..no italic, no color...nothing!!! 

The squatty body, squinty eyed populace of the list thank you...

Sara Smarty Pants (not to be confused with Natalie Sera, Sara MG or the NEW 
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