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[IP] I Freaked Today! Help

Well folks, my time to freak out!  Got up today, peed and looked in the john 
to find what looked like milk. Now I have frequent UTI's which I treat with 
antibiotics for 1or 2 days and it is cleared.  I have to douche and take an 
antibiotic prior to intercourse in order to avoid these UTI's.  Obviously, I 
hadn't been doing that.  Later the pee was much less cloudy.  I never "feel" 
any symptoms of the UTI's.  Anyway, after the new knowledge of kidney 
problems many of you had, I called the internist for a referral to a 
Nephrologist.  Went in for a urine specimen, talked with the nurse who 
counseled with the doctor and he said that in Feb. My kidney functions were 
fine. My water retention problem was not caused by kidneys and I was not at a 
place to have to go to a Neph
He did order another blood tests.  They later called to report the following:
A Rip-roaring UTI, Bun was 30 up from 25 in Feb. but not even close to the 
"panic level" of 70 when I would have to have further testing and worry.
Crea was 1.1 same as in February. the Bun/Crea Ratio in Feb. was listed at 
High at 22.7 with reference range being 12.0-20.0..Nurse said that the doctor 
felt like I would be wasting my money with a Neph.  He could not refer me 
with these numbers as the numbers were not of that nature.  After crying to 
the nurse that I was absolutely "freaking out" with fear of the unknown, 
never having any other kidney testing ever done, she said she would relay the 
info to Doc.  They called in a 7 day supply of Antibiotics.  Now I do feel 
better about the testing but are these numbers acceptable.  Oh, with all my 
thyroid troubles, my TSH is 1.92 with references of 0.34-5.60 ulu/ml.  I am 
really scared and will talk with the Neph, a fellow choir member of mine and 
run it by him.  My Doc said that if I still want this done for my own peace 
of mind it would be ok but he felt like it would be a waste of money.  I am 
willing to pay every dime of it out of my pocket for the peace of mind.  Do 
any of you know where I am coming from?  Am I freaking or what?  Guess it is 
time to get back on my Prozac after D/C it for the past 3 wks.  Can anyone 
help me?  Thanks..............Jackie Pearce
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