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[IP] ##**@ insurance companies

I have had disability insurance since 1974. I have paid the premium on time
every year. I submitted a claim to The Guardian, the insurer explaining I
was hospitalized for three months with a heart attack, stroke and diabetes.
that I had to have a pacemaker and defibrillator inserted and that I can no
longer work. I applied for benefits and was told I wasn't entitled because I
didn't apply within 12 days (I was unconscious, on a ventilator and had no
idea of anything going on for 12 days) After I woke up I had a stroke and
went for rehab for a month. I applied for SS disability and got it
immediately without need of an appeal. After appealing their decision they
say they are not going to pay me benefits because I wasn't under the care of
a physician for all those months. My wife called and they changed their tune
when She mentioned the L word and the S word. They claim to have 12
additional questions for my doc to answer, my wife said give me the
questions and I'll get you the answers. They said they were confidential.
How does someone who is old, sick and inarticulate get paid by these morons?
When I was in practice, they never got paid. Medicare would return the forms
and people had no idea why or what to do about them. A real crime because
then that money was taken by the intermediary.

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