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Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Help with bread please please!!!!!


It's important to remember that all food measurements are approximations.  I
think the information on food products are "accepted" as legal if they
are within 20% either way.  That allows for a forty percent swing e.g. A
stated 100 carb portion could range from 80 to 120 and be within the legal

As bread baker there are built in problems to accuracy.

1. The volume of flour measured is dependant on the amount of moisture in
the flour which can and does vary.

2. Even if we could slice bread to fine tolerances, there is a variation in
the rising process that will produce a variation in the food value.
Basically the more the rise, the more air, the less nutrition.

Having said all that there are bread cutting jigs that help to cut bread in
fairly even slices.  This available in stores that specialize in kitchen
items such as utensils. This will not compensate for differences in

White flour has about 22g of carbo per 1/4 cup. Knowing the amount of flour
used in the bread can give a good estimate of the carbo's in the total loaf

I don't know if this is really helpful.  I use the weight to estimate and
find this works for me.  If I'm off I adjust when I take a blood sugar

The pleasure of making bread also burns calories since I mix and knead by
hand.  The eating of home baked bread is definitely a mood enhancer which I
find comforting and relaxing.

As with all management of diabetes, making educated guesses and testing
usually works.

When I came down with diabetes, only the urine test was available.  The
meters are a vast improvement.  Of course we want more - less painful
methods of getting accurate BS readings and eventually a cure. But with the
development of humalog and testing we are able to manage our diabetes much
easier now.

Wow, what a lecture.  I need a piece of home baked bread.

That's all.


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