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[IP] Alcohol [ Ethyl]

Jim and Ryan both wrote about a few beers:
Many alcohol control types have had a great deal of difficulty dealing with
most of the data regarding alcohol use - that moderate use apparently has an
overall benefit to health. I think it's reasonable to say that this includes
diabetics *provided* that it is accounted for in one's total caloric intake,
etc. IOW, that it is part of one's general diet.

I agree. 100% beer has calories and some Carbs ( Pilsner has the least I
think). I like beer once in a while and just add the carbs into the total.
Alcohol doesn't require insulin to be metabolized so I don't bolus for the
alcohol. Light beer has the least carbs. The main problem with alcohol is
having a hypo and being arrested for public drunkenness, exciting but not
cool when they lock you up in a dirty little cell with some scruffy drunks
who pee on the floor, Spot

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