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Re: [IP] IP: Small Lancet Devices

I have an autolet Mini by owen Mumford. It is 21/4 in. long and 15/8 in, 
square. It was hard to get the special lancets for it so I never used it 
after I used up the samples they sent with it.                               

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>Subject: [IP] IP:  Small Lancet Devices
>Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 14:46:57 EDT
>I just received two small lancet devices... or pokers and stabbers as some 
>you refer to them.  They both are much smaller than any I had ever seen 
>the flat grey one that came with the fast take I think).  In case anyone is
>still searching for one to use with a small carrying kit, I thought I'd
>report on them.
>Qwik-LET Jr. is about 2 inches long and traingular shaped around with a
>diameter of about .75 inches.  It features a cocking mechanism and a lancet
>extractor built in to the cover part.  The trigger button is on the bottom 
>the poker in the center of the cocking mechanism.  It cost about $10.
>Auto-let Jr. is about the same size but does not have a cocking mechanism
>which means that you must take the lid off and manually cock it each time. 
>guess they don't believe that anyone would really use a lancet more than
>once... haha)  The trigger is also on the bottom of the device.  This one
>cost about $7 for two.
>You can find both pokers at diabetic.com.  My only problem with that
>site/store was that it took them about 4 weeks to get my entire order to 
>They promised me that it was a one time back-order problem and that as a 
>they get orders out within 7 days.  I have decided to use the Qwik -LET Jr.
>with my new BLUE Precision QID that all fits very nicely (along with foil
>wrapped strips) in a tiny leather zip pouch.  It has come in very handy 
>past week when I didn't want to carry anything with me, I just grabbed the
>pouch, put it in my pocket and went.
>IDDM since age 13 months in 1976... pumping since March 2000 with Tabitha, 
>blue MM 508
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