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[IP] Re:pumping @ school

Dear Susan,

Cory has the right to treat his diabetes any way he needs to 
(including testing, snacks, etc.) in the classroom or anywhere at 
school.  You need to meet with school personnel to get an Act 504 in 
place.  YOU determine what Cory's needs are at school and they 
legally have to accept it.  They may try and tell you differently, 
but rest assured you are within your legal rights to demand that Cory 
have the right to treat his diabetes appropriately when and where 
necessary.  Anything less is unacceptable!

Cindy, mom to 13 y/o Noah, dx at age 9, pumping since 7/99

>I struggled all last year to keep Cory away from the clinic.  His B/S was
>constantly high or low so he spent a lot of time there.  After many, many
>rounds with school officals I have it settled that he can at least test his
>B/S and handle snacks in his classrooms under certain guidelines.  The
>problem is he will be starting middle school and all that will be so new for
>him.  When he gets a pump that too will be new so I am wondering if it would
>be best to go to the clinic at first so that he can be "supervised."  I am
>even considering meeting him there and overseeing it myself, but I don't want
>to embarras a child who is hitting those pre teen years!
>To test in the clinic brings up the problem of missing class time AGAIN this
school year!

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