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Re: [IP] Pump Run-Ins

I recently read somewhere that they have discovered it is not damaging to
Diabetics to have three beers a day for men and two for women, with Food of
course.  I'm not sure where I read this, but I also heard it on the news. I
know my hubby likes his beer after work and he doesn't stick to the number
three.  He has to be really careful or his BS will drop extremely low.  I
think it would be better if you ate a snack with every beer you drink.
> I also actually have a question. I know as a diabetic, we aren't supposed
> drink, but per the FDA, drug guidelines and health notices, they say for
> normal people it is actually good for you to drink a glass of wine/day.
> to sound like an alcoholic, but I am actually of european decent and grew
> kind of used to this habit. With diabetes I got a little thrown. Does
> out there drink at all and if so, how do they monitor their blood sugar
> stay in the normal range?

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