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[IP] Making your own pump accessories

Hi Rosemary,
I make lots of my daughter, Jenna's, pump accessories.  Now, I am no great
seamstress, but to me, "pump accessories" really just means the most
inconspicuous way to add a pocket to some pre-existing garment.  And the
"sewing" involved sewing three sides of a rectangle of fabric to some
garment to make a pump pocket, so you don't have to be a great tailor to do
it.  Anyways, my favorite fabric to use is the stretchy lycra stuff that
they sell at fabric stores to make swimsuits out of.  I cut a 4" by 6"
rectangle of it, turn the edges under a tad, and sew it to the inside of
lots of things.  Swim suits and leotards, I sew under the  underarm seam.
Jenna's favorite new pump thing is for tight dresses (not that, at 11, she
wears a lot of tight dresses, mind you).  I get a little panty thing at
Walmart called an Underall - it is like a pair of bike shorts, or a long leg
girdle, except that it's very lightweight - and sew one of these little
pocket do-dads to the front-inside of the leg, and the pump truly doesn't
show through a dress, and she finds it very comfortable.  I also use old
t-shirts to cut soft pockets for the inside of night shirts.
Feel free to e-mail me privately if you want other Hints from Heloise from
me on sewing pockets.
Nancy Morgan

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