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[IP] Infusion site locations

Our local radio station always gives a round of applause to "first time
callers" to their shows - so {{{{clap, clap, clap}}}} to you, first time
Anyways, on to the question, there's actually a site at the beginning of the
IP home page that will show you PICTURES of all the various sites that IP
members use.  It includes arms, thighs, backsides, breasts, and more.  My
daughter considers her abdomen one of her least favorite sites, because it
bend so much the tape tends to come loose, which it never does when she uses
her favorite sites on her backside.

One suggestion since you're a newbie poster, to keep you out of trouble with
the Internet Police - be sure to change the subject line on your e-mails to
something that reflects what you're asking, or if you're responding to
someone else's posting, to the heading that they used.  The purists get
their panties in a wad over subject lines like I-P-digest V something.

<<Subject: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #332
Hello , This is my First time emailing a question i usually just read
everyone elses .  I read in someones email that they used there arms and
for pump sites are you suppose to use those areas i was under the impression
that you should only use the abd?>>

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