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Subject: [IP] Re: Children pumping

Hi Susan,
Not to answer for Cindy, but Jenna is now 11, has been pumping since she was
9.  I do just what Cindy does, pack Jenna's lunch and write the carbs on a
slip of paper and stick it in her lunch box.  She knows that the calculation
for lunch is to divide the carbs that she eats by 10, so if she wants to add
or delete anything from lunch, she can do that (and frequently does- you
know how kids swap food in a school cafeteria.)  She has done all her own
bolusing since she got the pump (was younger than Cory at that time).  She
also knows how to figure her high bolus correction, AND knows to subtract
0.4 units from her bolus if  her sugar is below 100.  I have never tried to
educate her teachers on this - her 4th grade teacher was terrified of her
diabetes, though she wanted to do the right thing, she overreacted to
everything, and her 5th grade teacher was a space cadet, never did figure
out how she made it through the day with 25 kids in a room.  So, I trust
JENNA a lot more than the adults around her to take care of her sugar!  I
also work just two blocks from the school, and I always figured that if
there was a problem with the pump that Jenna couldn't solve, with all that
she knows and can do with the pump from 24/7 experience, these teachers sure
aren't going to be able to solve the problem.  So, my instructions to Jenna
and the teachers are that if she has a problem, call me.  The first year, I
had to go to school maybe 2 or 3 times to fix something, but I don't think I
was there more than once last year.  Which is good, because next year, she
goes to middle school, which is only a couple of miles away, but a little
harder for me to run up to in the middle of my day.

She also has done all her sugar tests at her desk since diagnosis at 8,
knows what "target range" is, and what to do about either lows or highs.
We have only a part time nurse at school, so other than going over her
emergency instructions with the nurse, I don't think she's very involved at

Jenna is extremely independent about her diabetes care, and gets very
annoyed at adults who don't do things "the right way" when she knows what to
do.  She recently went to diabetes camp, and told her counsellor that she
felt low, and her counsellor told her (cringe) that she would have to wait
for the nurse to check her sugar and give her something to eat.  The minutes
ticked by before that happened, and when Jenna finally got to test, her
sugar was 28 - the lowest low she's had since pumping.  Annoyed the p*** out
of her.  In a normal situation, she'd grab her meter, test, and eat within
minutes of feeling low.

Anyways, my message is that Cory will probably catch on to the pumping thing
EXTREMELY quickly, especially for the routine parts of pumping.  For these
kids, a calculator to figure boluses is a routine part of the "diabetes
equipment," but I think that they can, and do, use them well.  You can
probably tell that I am proud and amazed by Jenna's ability to take care of
herself.  But, I do think that most DM kids can do this if you just keep
teaching, teaching, teaching, everytime you do something for them.

Nancy Morgan, proud mom of 11 yo Jenna, dx'ed 2/98, pumping since 9/98

Cindy wrote:
 I pack Noah's lunch for school and write on his paper bag the amount he
 is to bolus.  However, if he is out of range, he knows how to adjust
 for that.
Susan wrote:
Are you saying that he does all this on his own?----No going to the clinic
test or bolus?

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