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[IP] Re: Ace Inhibitors and Pregnancy

Just read a note written three days ago from JeanAelts.  In the past 18 
months I started to show micoralbuminaria of 87 (normal is 30 or less) and 
was put on 5 mg Vasotec.  Within 6 months of taking better care of my blood 
sugars (A1c dropped from 9 to 6.6) and the Vasotec my microalbumin was 26.  
Currently working out the paperwork to repeat the 24 hour urine test 
(Actually planning on doing it in three days-on Friday) because the insurance 
co. switched the ace inhibitor to Zestril.  Yes, I do not have the cough but 
if these numbers go up, I will fight tooth and toenail to have them make an 
exception for me to go back on Vasotec or at least try a third drug.  Ace 
inhibitors work.

Next, Recently I was in the office of the perinatologist that delivered my 
second son in January 93.  I told him about my health, my age (I am now 41), 
and the ace inhibitor and asked him if I was too unhealthy to consider having 
another baby.  After I assured him that it was just mentally important to my 
diabetic ego and that I was definitely NOT considering such a thing he told 
me that 1st thing he would do would advise me of the risks due to my age.  
Next he would do a 24 hour urinalysis to see what the numbers were then he 
would switch me from taking an ace inhibitor to taking another type of blood 
pressure drug.  After taking it for about 6-8 weeks he would repeat the 24 
hour urinalysis to see that everything was remaining stable.  If all would be 
fine, he would say, "Go for it."

Apparently Ace inhibitors are easy for patients to take since they are most 
often taken once a day.  The other blood pressure drug he would puts patients 
on has to be taken three times per day.  (More trouble--therefore less 
compliance.)  He said that ace inhibitors cause serious anomalies such as 
spina bifida, etc., and these other drugs do not.  

In my own weird way I am kind of happy that this doctor, for which I have the 
most respect for, said I wasn't too unhealthy.  In my own mind I am actually 
proud that I am getting to the point that I might be too OLD, this is an 
accomplishment for a type I of 32 plus years!  What would be my other choice, 
pushing up daisies?

All those women that are on Ace Inhibitors and what to have a baby, plan 
ahead, then go for it!  If you live near St. Louis, e-mail me and I will give 
you his name and phone number.

Carole H.
diagnosed 12/67, pumping since 1/84, two boys born 4/90 and 1/93.  Also have 
one hell of a husband that has stood by me through two extreme cases of post 
pardum depression.  Like Jan Hughey calls hers "hugsband" I have for years 
called mine "Hubband."
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