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[IP] Re: Smudges

   I believe what the article was talking about is
called "necrobiosis lipoidica". 
   This is a rare complication of diabetes, and
usually appears on ones shines. This obviously occurs
because ones bg's have been very out of control.
   I know this because I suffer from it. Theses
smudges appeared when I was 15 years old. They started
out very small, almost like a bruise. In fact that was
what my pediatrician tried to convince my parents that
they were exactly that. It wasn't till my parents took
me to a dermatologist, that they were correctly dx'd.
They do not go away, in fact they are quite large,
although one is smaller than the other. 
   Most people mistake them for burns or ulcers. I
hate the summer, because they are very noticeable when
you wear shorts, as they are red.
   The reason why this happened, is that my very first
endo let my blood run so high. I remember when he
called my mom and told her that my a1c was 18, but not
to worry. She found a new doc.

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