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[IP] You have to feel sorry for some people

I had the most frustrating experience this weekend.  Not a personal high or
low problem.  Frustration at other people's stubbornness.

I was in a cafe in the market/mall where my husband and I have a booth and
sharing the table with some of the "regulars".  There is one fellow who
always seems so miserable and depressed with life.  He takes injections
twice a day and tests 3x.  He also eats the same three meals every day.
(Breakfast: 1/2 piece toast, one egg, small coffee)

One of the other restaurant owners was describing a new barbecue dipping
sauce they are serving, with honey and lemon juice in it and the diabetic
fellow said, "Oh, I can't ever eat that then!"  I asked him why.  He said,
"Diabetics can NEVER have any honey or sugar of any form".

Well, needless to say, discussing the ADA guideline changes of 1980
something, things I have read/learned and taught in classes, carbohydrates
becoming glucose, regardless of the source, etc., just made him angrier.  He
informed me he would not even bother to read anything I printed for him from
the web, as the CDE at the hospital when he was diagnosed told him this no
sugar law and therefore it was the truth. (1994, he said)

It really isn't any of my business, but I just felt so bad that someone
would live their life so rigidly and joylessly out of ignorance.

Just wanted to vent.  Am I the only one who has run into people like this?


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