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Re: [IP] Cholesterol question...

roselea.  from   health central .com


Cholesterol problems in diabetics undertreated

June 13, 2000

SAN ANTONIO (Reuters Health) - Many US adults with diabetes have elevated
cholesterol levels, but only one-third seem to know about the problem and
are trying to control cholesterol with diet, exercise or medication,
researchers reported at the American Diabetes Association meeting here.

Deborah B. Rolka, a statistician with the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, reported the results of a study that
included 1,269 diabetic adults aged 18 or older who had their lipids
measured. Lipids are fats--such as cholesterol--that are found in blood.


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Overall, 97% had at least one problem with cholesterol, such as elevated LDL
(or "bad") cholesterol. Fifty-six percent had LDL-cholesterol levels greater
than or equal to 130 milligrams per deciliter of blood (mg/dL).

Seventy-six percent were at high risk for cardiovascular disease based on
their lipid profiles, and 21% were at borderline risk. Thirty-six percent
reported ever having been told that their cholesterol was high, and 32%
reported following any treatment for high cholesterol.

Rolka pointed out that the recommended goal for dietary and/or drug therapy
for adult diabetics is an LDL-cholesterol level less than or equal to 100

Her data showed, however, that target LDL-cholesterol levels were
practically never achieved. In the 32% of patients who were following any
treatment for high cholesterol, only 1% had LDL-cholesterol values less than
or equal to 100 mg/dL--making them a low-risk population.

Thirty-eight percent had LDL-cholesterol levels between 100 and 130 mg/dL,
which put them at borderline risk. Sixty-one percent had LDL-cholesterol
levels of at least 130 mg/dL and were thus considered high-risk patients.

"Our data show that awareness of lipid abnormalities was low, and lipid
control was poor in US adults with diabetes during the study period," Rolka
said. "It is important to remember that lipid control is feasible and can
help prevent cardiovascular diseases."

She cautioned that the study is limited by the fact that diabetes was
self-reported. Also, data were collected in 1988-1994, and recommendations
for lipid control for patients with diabetes started in the 1990s.


> I had a cholesterol test done back in January (am having a new one done in
> September before going back to see my endo) and the results were as
> follows....
> Total - 184
> LDL - 110
> HDL - 60
> I don't know what the Triglycerides were, I forgot to ask.  Anyways, my
> father died of a massive heart attack at age 64, and he also suffered a
> stroke in his 40's (I'm 48 now...).  Should I be real concerned about
> results

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