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[IP] Re:pumping @ school

<< He started pumping in July, so we had a month and a half to 
 prepare before school started.  That helped a lot.
 Cindy, mom to 13 y/o Noah, dx at age 9, pumping since 7/99 >>

I struggled all last year to keep Cory away from the clinic.  His B/S was 
constantly high or low so he spent a lot of time there.  After many, many 
rounds with school officals I have it settled that he can at least test his 
B/S and handle snacks in his classrooms under certain guidelines.  The 
problem is he will be starting middle school and all that will be so new for 
him.  When he gets a pump that too will be new so I am wondering if it would 
be best to go to the clinic at first so that he can be "supervised."  I am 
even considering meeting him there and overseeing it myself, but I don't want 
to embarras a child who is hitting those pre teen years!
To test in the clinic brings up the problem of missing class time AGAIN this 
school year!
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