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RE[IP]: Children Pumping

Alex doesn't have much missed class time.  He tests during class and
also treats himself, only goes to the nurse if he has 2 high tests in a
row so he & she can check out the pump and determine what the problem

As for lunch, I get the menu for the month and then write down the carbs
for each item and stick a note in his test kit.  He then picks and
choses what he wants to eat, adds up the carbs, calculates the
bolus(carries a small calculator in test kit), and boluses.  Alex was 10
last year when he started pumping and had no problem with it.  If they
changed the menu without notifying me or he was having something special
in class, he would call me if he did not know the carbs, but he also
carries a small carb book in his test kit.

One other thing I did was buy a watch for him with multiple alarms to
remind him to test, and bolus after lunch, it has 5 alarms.

Hope this helps.

Leann Pruitt
mother of Alex(11) dx 11/94, pump 8/99
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