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Re: [IP] Still Having Tape Problems


I use Tenders (same as the Sils) and find that a tape like 3M Tegaderm HP 
applied under the Tender helps when I'm exercising heavily.

I use Skin Prep first, then apply the Tegaderm, then insert the Tender 
through the Tegaderm.

In this fashion, the set is sticking to the tape, not to my sweaty body. 
I've never had a problem with the edges of the Tender tape coming loose, 
nor has the cannula pulled out. The Tegaderm HP seems to "breathe" better 
than other tapes when I'm sweating, doesn't appear to loosen at all until I 
want it to.

Just a suggestion, relatively easy to try.

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

Cap wrote:

>This was my primary concern when I signed on with the pump.  I was
>giving many recommendations from experienced pumpers.  I made the switch
>from soft-sets to sils as urged by many.  I even tape the sils.  I take
>an IV 3000 and fold it into four's.  I cut a small corner off making a
>diamond shape hole in the tape.  I then place this tape over the sil
>after insertion.  This helps somewhat.
>On Sat having worked a 12 hr day, all of it outdoors, I lost a new sil
>inserted that morning.  Tape let go and the sil fell out before I left
>the job.  Back out today having replaced the sil on Sat. evening.  I
>nearly lost it again. I was much more careful and checked it often.

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