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Re: [IP] Re:{IP} Basal Testing

> << Subject: Re: [IP] Re:  Basal testing  >>
> Michael wrote:
> The graph indicates when the Humalog peaks. It BEGINS to take effect
> almost immediately and when dripped as with basal pumping, the
> effect is cumulative. You are certainly welcome to experiment, but
> for most people, the timing should be close to
> 1 hour for H
> 2 hours for R/V>>
> Is this the rate for pumpes or would you expect the same time line
> for injections?
We're talking about basal rates. This would not apply to injections. 
The long term insulins such as NPH and lente have been developed to 
address basal requirements. Part of the reason for using pumps is 
that these insulins do not match the real world insulin needs of many 
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