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[IP] Re: Ankle & Feet

People with diabetes are prone to limited joint mobility (LJM) that can
affect any or all joints but is often seen in the hands, feet, and shoulders
as you can surmise from the recent postings.  As you indicate, seeing your
doctor is a good idea. If it were me, I would ask my doctor for a referral
to a podiatrist.  I would also ask my podiatrist to take x-rays.  The ankle
and mid-foot are often most vulnerable and over time many very small
hair-line fractures occur which, if discovered and treated early, can ward
off major problems.  We are at risk for a host of things.  I am a proponent
of investigating anything out of the ordinary.  Regards.

John Kinsley
email @ redacted
Type 1 since 1956
MM 507 since 6/9/98

> I have been reading the follow up on the trigger finger.  I have
> suffered from this the past few months but its not my finger its my
> right foot or ankle.  I have the same symptoms though such as it
> freezing up.  I can just be walking and it gives out on me and hurts if
> I put pressure on it.  It just freezes.  The sharp pain only lasts for a
> few seconds and then I can continue walking.  I never thought that it
> was D related until I started reading about the trigger finger.
> Has this happened to anyone or does anyone have any idea if this is D
> related before I go see the Dr.
> Melissa and 'pumpy'

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