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[IP] Re: Help with bread please please!!!!!

>I could use some help right about now. Ryans numbers have been so 
>high lately and they are so high I am ashamed to put them on here so 
>I wont. Anyway it has been going on for a while but this last 2 
>weeks have been the worst and we tried site changes and  new insulin 
>and site changes and he stayed high.My question is does anyone use a 
>bread maker as it just hit me today that maybe that is what it was 
>and I cut some bread and weighed it and he would need like 8 units 
>for a  sandwich which he has not been taking so that is why he is 
>probably so hight but still why he does not come down with the hight 
>boluses. One night he had like and extra 20 units over about 5 hrs 
>and still did not do much????? Anyway if anyone does use a bread 
>maker how does it work for you it just is so heavy. Any thoughts 
>would be great. Thank you and I have also been increasing basals now 
>so I will see if that helps any. Oh the joys of this disease.
>                                            Lori
                                             Ryans mom

Hi Lori,

Could Ryan be rebounding?  You've ruled out a bad site and insulin. 
Noah is getting a lot more exercise (due to summer and no school), 
and had an occasion where he was on rebound highs for a while and 
bolusing to correct didn't work.

Is it white bread you're making?  Noah bg's shoot up and stay there 
for hours when he eats a lot of white bread unless it has a 
substantial amount of fiber in it.  My husband and kids don't like 
the whole grain and whole wheat so I shopped around until I found an 
almost white bread with added fiber.  We noticed a big improvement 
using this bread over the standard white.

Just some thoughts.  Hope you get it figured out soon.

Cindy, mom to 13 y/o Noah, dx at age 9, pumping since 7/99

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