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[IP] Anyone tried Zinc Air batteries?

Hi, Kevin.

>I just ordered a sample of the S76E, to see if they work (all specs 
>indicate they will work, and be superior to the 357).

The data sheet for the S76E can be found here:


The specs are, indeed, similar to those of the 357. But, frankly, before 
I'd purchase a battery other than the 357, I'd need to have a good reason. 
The 357 is THE battery recommended by Minimed. It _isn't_ expensive. One 
pumper wrote that the 357's can last 12 weeks. A source has been cited for 
357's at less than a buck each. Batteries just don't count in my pump budget.

>I can let you know if these batteries prove to be good.    I wouldn't 
>advise others trying to buy these until they prove to be as good, or 
>better than ones already bought from MM....

I wouldn't advise that anyone substitute for the recommended battery no 
matter WHAT your experience.

Hey, as I said, it's your pump and your call, but I get the impression that 
this is a tilt at windmills.

regards, Andy

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